Reject Shop - Reject Shop


Reject Shop is synonymous with the concept of retailing internationally branded garments at a fraction of its original price overseas. With its vast range of clothing for men, women and children, it has been at the forefront of outlet shopping whereby over-runs, discontinued stocks and late order cancellations are sourced from overseas factories and sold at very affordable prices to the locals here.

The great thing about these over-run stocks is that many of the brands offer fairly new styling which would otherwise not be available in the local market because these brands are not sold here. Savvy shoppers will find to their delight many up-to-date styles from reputable brands in the USA, Europe and Australia and if they are lucky, even the occasional designer garment as well. These economical merchandises are supplemented by its own development for men, women and children guaranteeing quality products at superb value.

With its everyday low prices philosophy, it is budget friendly and has made clothing and home products affordable to many price-conscious families. Reject Shop now operates a nationwide chain of stores and outlets at many leading shopping centres all over Malaysia.