Carl Schmidt Aurich Cookware set 16pcs

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Item Type : High quality Stainless Steel, high quality glossy polished, energy -saving 9 layered thermal bottom, Ergonomically shaped, heat resistant handles, safety glass cover with steam outlet guard, CS temperature control for a gentle preparation, vitamins, minerals and taste are preserved. The multifunctional steaming insert allows a gentle and healty preparation of food and can also be used as a drainer and throat filter. The multi purpose bowl is the multitalent in the system. It serves as a simple mixing bowl, storage container with air-tight lid, draining bowl for the thawing insert, water bath for the insert for the 20cm pot and large volume lidin connection with the suction cup. Dishwasher are suitable except for the covers due to the temperature control function. Suitable for all type cookers, including induction.

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