Yale Street Vintage Check


100% European Fabric- Flip Collar- Box Flip Cuffs- Easy Iron

Material: 100% European Cotton

Colour: Navy/Red

Care Instruction:
-Avoid strong cleaning agents and soaking overnight when washing.
-Cold machine wash or dry clean only.
-Do not use a dryer to prevent shrinking.

Size Chart:
Neck x Chest x Waist x Shoulders x Sleeve
– XS (38cm x 95cm x 94cm x 43cm x 62cm)
– S (39cm x 99cm x 98cm x 44cm x 63cm)
– M (40cm x 104cm x 103cm x 45cm x 65cm)
– L (110cm x 109cm x 46cm x 45cm x 66cm)
– XL (42cm x 116cm x 115cm x 47cm x 67cm)

Earn up to 240 Points.


Benjamin Barker