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The METROJAYA Brand Story


Welcome to METROJAYA

A brand that is all about lifestyles. Your lifestyle.

A brand that makes a statement. Your statement.

Since the opening of the first METROJAYA store in 1976, the brand has remained committed to providing exclusive yet affordable fashion and household goods, which goes beyond the ordinary, for our customers.

METROJAYA mirrors your quality of life as we tap into now global trends to help you complete your aspirations.

Through our commitment as a retailer that puts first its customers, listening to their wants and needs, each item in the store has been carefully curated to fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

At METROJAYA, our people are constantly seeking out the newest collections and impeccable ranges in fashion and lifestyle, from local to international brands, all centred on quality.

We bring to you the best of the world to one store. METROJAYA.

We strive to be the home to the finest. Be it beauty, fashion, home or children, there is something for everyone, making METROJAYA the ideal go-to destination for all. It is this instinct for inspiring your lifestyle that strengthens our reputation as a retailer for all.

Thanks to you, our rich history and success has made METROJAYA a household name in Malaysia. We will continue to be a frontrunner in the retail industry with your support and to always provide our discerning customers with the best of products and services.

Come experience, shop and be inspired by the style, convenience and excitement that is uniquely METROJAYA !